The old disclosure

By: rwessel (, January 24, 2007 10:31 pm
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slim (x@y.z) on 1/24/07 wrote:

Now that's all just over the place.

It looks like there may have been an availability problem with the 1812-36T bundles (which include 63 enclosures, 1008 drives, and 63 FC interfaces) configurations that they used on the original tests, because they swapped back to building the system out of the individual components, and instead of the standard 4Gb FC disks on the 1812-36T (1812-5412s), they built the system with 2Gb FC disks (-5231s) - 36GB in both cases. I'm guessing that the 1812-36T (which is new) was probably planned with 2GB FC disks back in June/July, but someone switched to 4Gb drives before it started shipping.

Now having the bulk of the disks being the 2Gb FC matches the documented original configuration, but building this from the components results in a drastically higher list price for the storage ($14.1M vs $9.8M), but the discount went way up to compensate.

There's also a minor change to the client hardware, which leads to a bit of a price difference.

So the net price and performance went up a smidge, and price performance increased a smidge.

The odd thing is that the detailed performance changed a fair bit. While the 90th percentile and average numbers all went down (many significantly), the maximum numbers all increased (I don’t think the maximum numbers are all that interesting, but I do wish that 99th and 99.9th percentile numbers were published – they are sort-of available in the graphs in the detailed report in the summaries).

Since they obviously reran the tests, so I wonder why they didn't just go with the 1812-36Ts, which still have the same list price as in the original TPC-C submission (except that they're now using 4Gb FC drives).
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