4M tpmC

By: Michael S (already5chosen.delete@this.yahoo.com), January 25, 2007 8:36 am
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jesper Frimann (jesperfrimann@gmail.com) on 1/25/07 wrote:
>Anders Jensen (@.) on 1/25/07 wrote:
>>Michael S (already5chosen@yahoo.com) on 1/24/07 wrote:
>>>p5 594, 32S/64C/128T, 2.3GHz, 2TB, AIX/DB2 9 - 4,033,378 tpmC at $2.97/tpmC
>>>After preventive strike like that HP likely to not bother with Superdome sx2000 submission.
>>I seem to remember HP-UX 11i v3 don't support the multi threading feature in Montecito
>>yet. Is this correct?
>Nope afaik it does support multi-threading.
>>Wouldn't be surprised if a 32-way SX2000 could cough up about
>>3-4M in TPC-C on a tuned OS since the gains in TCP-H has been so great lately.
>Well a 32 way surely won't, I'd be impressed if it made more than 1.5M.

Fujitsu did 1239 tpmC on 16 slots, but they had 64GB per slot. Superdome can at max do 64GB per cell board.
It mean half-populated 16-cell 32S SD have 32GB per slot while fully-populated 8-cell 32S SD have 16GB per slot.
The later configuration unlikely to score more than 1.5M but the former variant is likely to achieve 1.8M or may be even a bit more.

>A 32 socket system would raise the bare quite a bit, that was prob what you meant anyway :).
>>without "hyperthreading" the CPU is just going to be ~80% idle in TPC-C anyway.
>Not likely, they will be 100% loaded, otherwise you have a
>very badly configured system.
>// jesper

Anders probably meant that without MT Itanium's 6-way pipeline would be utilized at something like 20%. IMO, that's still too optimistic.
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