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Article: ISSCC 2007: A Brief Survey
By: David Kanter (, March 26, 2007 11:26 am
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Anonymous1 (anon@anon.anon) on 3/26/07 wrote:

>For example, say that within a given TDP, an Itanium chip is >typically capable
>at running at a frequency of up to X for integer code, but Y >for floating point.
>What is the frequency for this processor?

That's a tricky question, one that Intel hasn't had to deal with. There's two answers:

1. Intel mostly uses the model number now, rather than a frequency.
2. My understanding of how Foxton would work is that there's a target workload...and the frequency is probably the minimum frequency that the workload runs at.

It'll probably be something like: "For 95% of all workloads, processor X will operate at Y GHz or higher."

>There could be a similar problem for Barcelona. Is it >conceivable that within
>a given TDP, the maximum frequency for single-threaded code >is higher than the maximum
>frequency for code that loads all four cores? If so, how >would the CPU be labeled for sales?

Foxton can increase the frequency of the process, in very fine steps. I believe it was originally going to work in steps of 200/64 or something along those lines. Barcelona is probably just reducing the clock multiplier and then adjusting the voltage accordingly.

It's not clear if they are using dynamic measurements to determine the voltage.

However, marketing the part isn't a problem. If you have a 2GHz Barcelona, all cores can run at 2GHz. However, if you aren't fully loading the cores, they might run slower. It would never exceed 2GHz by any substantial amount though.

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