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Article: 3D Integration: A Revolution in Design
By: Marcin Niewiadomski (marcin.niewiadomski.delete@this.gmail.com), May 10, 2007 12:14 pm
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David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 5/6/07 wrote:
>I'd like to thank Euronymous, our newest contributor, who has just posted an article to RWT from MICRO-39.
>This report details one of the most important future technologies for semiconductors:
>three dimensional integration. Academic and industrial researchers at Intel and
>IBM have made it clear that 3D integration is the future for semiconductor manufacturing.
>This report explains the major motivations and challenges for 3D integration, how
>this technique works, and the preliminary results that 3D integration can offer for modern microprocessors.
>The article can be found at:
>Thanks to Euronymous for providing an excellent, well-thought and informative article
>and I hope everyone enjoys examining a new dimension in semiconductor advances.

Very good article. That's why like RWT :)

I was surprised with modified Pentium 4 (looks like Cedar Mill-based) and achieved results. Indeed it looks promising. I wonder what would be results for shorter pipelines (e.g. for something Core/Core2/Northwood based) and (from pure curiosity) for longer ones (e.g. they could use Tejas, which was rumored to be 40-stage design). I guess it will be better, but how much better?

The only thing which I think is missing (but I guess it might not be available) is how cost of manufacturing such processor relates to manufacturing the one based on planar design.

Best regards,
Marcin N.

P.S. Maybe somebody knows, if Intel already tried to stack memory on Polaris (Terascale project)?
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