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By: Rob Thorpe (, May 10, 2007 10:23 am
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Linus Torvalds ( on 5/10/07 wrote:
>mas ( on 5/10/07 wrote:
>Looks pretty solid from a quick read-through.
>My only "oops, that's not nice" moment came with the
>discussion about conditionak branches directly to, and
>immediately preceding, the "ret" instruction. That's a
>fairly common pattern for simple functions with no need
>for a prologue/epilogue.
>Yes, those are also prime inlining material, but often
>build/size concerns make that not be a good option.

I don't think they're even always good inlining options. I've written lots of subroutines where the whole body of the routine is a single "if then else" or it ends in one. I expect many of these contain conditional branches to ret.

Still it's not that much of a problem, a code generator should be able to minimize the effect.

>The rest looks like some solid improvements. The stack
>tracking should help, and also means that we can finally
>go back to writing prologues with a sequence of small
>"push" ops instead of that idiotic "do explicit stack
>offsets" crud that just blows up the code size.

Slightly OT question:-
Are you sure that doing it that way has a significant effect on x86-64 code? Generally what's done is that the stack pointer is adjusted once then the local variables are MOVed into place.

(Also, I wonder if the two things you mention are connected. To make push faster they will have redesigned the way stack related ops work including ret.)
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