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Article: Inside Barcelona: AMD's Next Generation
By: Michael S (, May 17, 2007 4:07 am
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IntelUser2000 ( on 5/16/07 wrote:
>I always thought Conroe had fully pipelined FPU from looking at your article, but
>its not true.

80bit x87 multiplication (FMUL) on Merom* is indeed not fully pipelined. However 64-bit SSE2 (MULSD/MULPD) multiplication is fully pipelined. So MULSD has two times higher throughput over Banias/Dothan/Yonah while MULPD has four times higher throughput.

>It still has the same FPU latency for FPMUL as its P6 derivatives.

Don't you mean "the same FPU throughput"?

I don't like when people use the name "Conroe" to describe Intel's new microarchitecture. Conroe is just a name of desktop variant of Merom core.
The use of the name "Barcelona" instead of Hound or Greyhound is only marginally better.
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