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Article: Inside Barcelona: AMD's Next Generation
By: Joe Chang (jchang6.delete@this.Xyahoo.com), May 27, 2007 1:46 pm
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I do not think you should judge the current deployment of X86/64 systems to guage the market size for 8-socket

For a brief period when Profusion-PentiumIII was out, there was reasonable volume for that platform
Right now only IBM and Unisys have them, they are expensive and have performance characteristics that make database scaling very difficult
Previously, HP had an 8-socket Xeon box for the previous generation for which they had reasonable financial success, but not enough to warrant a major development effort, considering they did have the Itanium line
So when there has been no broadly available 8-way box, not excessively expensive, for several years, why should there be many out there

Of course 4-ways today are fully populated
The 2-socket boxes are usually available with most current processors, while 4-socket is 1-2 years behind on Intel, current with AMD
So the main reason to buy 4-socket usually includes the immediate need for 4 sockets

Expensive, come on, 4-sockets populated, top bin + 16GB is $12-16K
storage is expensive but thats different

The matter is Barcelona should support glueless 8-socket
meaning no need for custom silicon components

anonymous (anonymous@email.cz) on 5/26/07 wrote:
>Just my observation :
>I am part of IT support for diverse universe of customers - Windows only machines
>, and from the considerable amount of machines that we are supporting less then
>2% are 4 socket machines - and less then 0.5% of machines are 4x4(socket/cpu) servers
>- all Xeon MP Tulsa running some exotic business application. We aren't supporting
>even one ! 8 socket Windows based server.
>OK we have some 4-5 4 socket machines running Xeon MP, and i faintly seem to remember
>few Pentium III 4 socket "rockets" but none of them are active anymore.
>I encountered a truly 8 socket machine only two times - one was Opteron ESX Development
>server used by "insane Unix Guys" to test Windows clustering inside ESX - and boy
>did they have fun (me too) - it was truly perfect platform for simulation of how
>not to do the clustering ..., and the second one was P4 based, IBM X3 based i think,
>running some heavy DB... with everything that you can opt on that one - including some serious amount of memory.
>As side note for the number of supported servers - its few thousands ... :)
>And from i can see from my position - i personally don't see the 8 socket machines
>as the next big thing - at least not under Windows. All those precious 4 socket
>machines are running either DB which needs loads of memory, or some business application
>that i never heard before :) that seems to be able to load that particular server.
>All around what i can see that people are migrating to blades - mainly 2 socket
>ones. 2 socket blade can run a lot these days, if its not enough or there is higher
>reliability requested - clustering of 2 socket systems. 4 socket one -> only if
>you need DB with a really lot of memory or you have application that can load all
>4 sockets. Plus if it is 4 socket machine - all that i have seen come with a lot
>of bells - top bin cpu-s, large amounts of memory, RAID-s, Fibrechannels, multiple
>teamed NIC cards .... i don't remember seeing a base one configuration anywhere.
>Simply nobody uses the base config - when its 4 socket its almost 99% time a rather
>serious machine which brings the Total Cost of machine into serious $$$.
>So maybe the cost of platform will come down, the performance will go up, but under
>Windows for normal customer there is almost nothing that can run there with any
>significance - and as such machines come fully loaded the price will stay still insanely high.
>So in niche markets the penetrations may go up but in mainstream i have my doubts
>whether there will by any penetration at all :)
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