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By: JasonB (, July 26, 2007 11:38 pm
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Max ( on 7/25/07 wrote:
>IMHO, Windows's biggest weakness in the area of interactive performance is the
>fact that it becomes unresponsive if a GUI app fails to immediately refresh its
>window. (Admittedly I haven't tried Vista - maybe it improved?)

Windows itself hasn't had that "feature" since XP. The window of the app that has stopped responding will stop updating until it starts processing Windows messages again, but the window can be moved, minimised, etc., at will, with no effect on other apps. (The stupid decision in the early days to make the application responsible for processing move requests, etc., was responsible for the problem; the "fix" in XP to allow Windows to forcibly manipulate the window even when the app isn't responding causes other annoying problems, like making the application appear to have frozen when it is busy even if it is still updating the window to show the progress. Under XP it will not show any progress at all.)

I haven't checked this, but under Vista it wouldn't surprise me if apps no longer ever received a move or minimise message.
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