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By: Michael S (, July 26, 2007 4:22 am
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Foo_ ( on 7/26/07 wrote:
>Paul ( on 7/25/07 wrote:
>>Given that stuff that was regarded as "Enterprise" a few years ago such as decent
>>SMP scaling (and SMP support at all), >1GB memory support on x86 and even NUMA.
>>Is now "Desktop" I would say the position of having a keeping a single kernel for
>>everything (with a few configurable options) rather than trying to tweak for a particular
>>segment as Con was trying to do has been entirely vindicated.
>Uh, the specificity of desktop vs. "enterprise" is not in the hardware but in the
>usage model. You can use the same hardware as both desktop and "enterprise", use cases will still be varying different.
>(see Linus' response in this thread, and also Con's interview as linked to in the first post)

According to my understanding, Paul meant to say that with good scalable SMP support when you have 4 cores (often even 2 cores) the CPU scheduling algorithm have negligible effect on desktop responsiveness.
Same with memory - when an average desktop has >1GB in place kernel developers would rather not spend their precious time fine-tuning swapping vs disk cache.

It seems to me that when mighty 4-core, 2GB desktop feels slow in most cases you want to blame either slow disk or crappy application design rather than "kernel overtuned for enterprise".
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