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By: Foo_ (, July 26, 2007 2:34 pm
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Paul ( on 7/26/07 wrote:
>You've entirely missed my point.

I haven't, but it seems you have missed mine. The hardware may be the same, but the use cases are not and thus the kind of "support" needed is not the same. "Supporting" SMP in the sense of improving database workload throughput is not the same as "supporting" SMP in the sense of improving desktop latency in the face of e.g. interactive applications running side-to-side with CPU-heavy background tasks. They are different problems with possibly different optimal solutions. It's exactly the same situation with single-core server vs. single-core desktop by the way, so despite what you may think there is nothing radically new here...

If you don't understand the above I guess we can end the thread.
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