Linux on Desktops

By: Arun Ramakrishnan (, July 25, 2007 7:11 pm
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>full potential". As you said server loads are more predictable unlike desktops,
>where some may surf the web while others encode 2 movies, burn a dvd and serve files
>to a media center all at the same time.

I do all that from my current core2 desktop and things work as expected(2.6.17 kernel, Mandriva 2007 Spring). I havent tried
any serious audio/video workflow and maybe latency places a worser role there.
I feel the response times under very heavy i/o load has also become much better past 2.6.8 or so on our main production servers. I feel that a lot of vendors are tackling the desktop in the right direction(UBuntu, Mandriva) since the desktop is more about integration, packaging, usability than the kernel itself.
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