POWER6/7, compilers and more

By: Anil Maliyekkel (amaliy1.delete@this.nospam.edu), October 3, 2007 8:23 am
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Gabriele Svelto (gabriele.svelto@gmail.com) on 10/3/07 wrote:
>David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 10/2/07 wrote:
>>This one has a roadmap which shows the POWER7 and some vague details, as well as
>>a discussion of the POWER6. At long fucking last, they admitted that the POWER6
>>was an InO core - it only took them about 2 years after they first started talking
>>about it. Hurray for the triumph of technical disclosure over PR and marketing....oh wait.
>What's funny about it is that they built an in-order high-clocked core which doesn't
>suck bug time, that's quite an achievement not something that you should be trying to hide.

They have already said that it was in order before. Apparently the only OOO feature is that non-div/sqrt FP instructions can execute in FP unit and finish ahead of an executing div or sqrt.

There was a presentation at the Power Developers Conference last week on the POWER6 core, I managed to get a copy of the PowerPoint file. POWER6 does implement load look ahead, which involves continued dispatch and execution of instructions after a L1-Dcache or D-ERAT miss to initiate prefetches. Despite being in order, POWER6 tracks upto 320 instructions per thread or ten taken branches. It isn't clear to me what number and combination of instructions from two threads can be dispatched. The limit is 7 instructions total and 5 from one thread, but I am still not sure whether only upto 2 from the 2nd thread can be dispatched in the same cycle.
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