POWER6/7, compilers and more

By: Anil Maliyekkel (a.delete@this.a.edu), October 3, 2007 2:22 pm
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anon (foo@bar.com) on 10/3/07 wrote:
>Anil Maliyekkel (amaliy1@nospam.edu) on 10/3/07 wrote:
>>The limit is 7 instructions total and 5 from one thread, but I am still not sure
>>whether only upto 2 from the 2nd thread can be dispatched in the same cycle.
>Should be up to 5 each depending on conflicts. They didn't go into detail on how conflicts are resolved.
>Instructions are scheduled/grouped at L1 fill time and not at dispatch, so it should
>be fairly simple for them to give each thread priority at dispatch on every other
>cycle and let the other take the dispatch slots that are still available (or some
>other similar facility to provide some fairness).

I have this impression that instructions can only be dispatched if there is an execution unit available for that type of instruction. Thus with only two integer units and two load/stores, only two integer and two load/stores total can be dispatched from the two threads. This would make sense given these units don't appear to have an issue queue sitting in front of them to absorb dispatched instructions.
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