POWER6/7, compilers and more

By: Linus Torvalds (torvalds.delete@this.osdl.org), October 3, 2007 9:34 am
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Anil Maliyekkel (amaliy1@nospam.edu) on 10/3/07 wrote:
>They have already said that it was in order before.
>Apparently the only OOO feature is that non-div/sqrt FP
>instructions can execute in FP unit and finish ahead of
>an executing div or sqrt.

I thought they were also out-of-order in the sense that
FP and integer are queued separately, as are memory ops.

IOW, they are "mostly in-order", in the sense that most
of the pipelines are in-order, but different pipes will
be out-of-order wrt each other. So, for example, they
have a separate pipeline for fdiv/sqrt, which is why the
other FP ops can schedule independently of fdiv/sqrt.

And I suspect the memory pipe is probably aggressively
out-of-order at least after it misses in the L1, so I
think there's some out-of-order even within the pipes,
even if that is probably limited to just the memory side.

Or did I misunderstand the clues that have so far gotten

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