Article: Harpertown Performance Preview
By: anonymous (, November 9, 2007 7:47 pm
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David Kanter ( on 11/9/07 wrote:
>Marcin Niewiadomski ( on 11/9/07 wrote:
>>Hi David,
>>I've an impression that I just saw first "benchmark-style" >article on RealWorldTech.
>>It looks quite nice I think, but I have a bit mixed >feelings...
>So it's not actually the first, I wrote up an article on Dempsey, Woodcrest, Clovertown and now Harpertown.
>>1. On one side it could be analyzed in more detail (please see remarks below),
>>but on the other hand - I like RWT for being "very >technical" site (especially I
>>like the very good architectural drawings).
>The drawings are a lot of work, but they sure help to write the article.
>>2. You're right that it would be better compare a bit >different processors, as
>>2.33 Clovertown has 7x multiplier, while 3.0 Hampertown has >7.5x, additionally we
>>would need to ensure that memory latencies are same (in >terms of cycles - maybe
>>it would be good to add latency data to table on page 3?). >Still I think that the
>>difference in multiplier is not big enough to question Your >estimates.
>So the issue isn't the multipliers, it's the clock speed relative to memory.

Why do you tend to begin a lot of your sentences in replies
with "So..."? What is the provenance of this writing idiom
and what's the reasoning behind it?
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