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Article: ISSCC 2008 Preview: Silverthorne, Rock, Tukwila and More
By: Michael S (, December 6, 2007 7:42 am
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Gabriele Svelto ( on 12/6/07 wrote:
>savantu ( on 12/5/07 wrote:
>>Niagara 2 has 8 cores , 64 threads and takes 342mm2 on 65nm.
>>Rock has 16 cores , 32 threads and takes 396mm2 on 65nm.
>>To me , Rock cores will be simpler than Niagara 2 ones , how can you explain doubling
>>the core count with only a 16% increase in die size ?
>Rock cores are supposed to be 4-way issue (compared to the pseudo 2-ways of the
>T2) though with roughly the same execution resources. However they'll have 1/4th
>of the T2's contexts (register files, etc...) and a group of 4 cores share s an
>L1 cache. That also means that the L2 crossbar should be simpler compared to the
>T2. Anyway that's what the slides which trickled out showed as crazy as it might sound.

Shared innermost data cache? That's a bit too crazy to believe. The Prescott already demonstrated that 4-clock latency of L1D has significant negative effect on performance even on sophisticated OoO core. On relatively primitive core like Rock 4-5 clock latency would be catastrophic. I'd guess that the slides are wrong.
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