Berkeley View on Parallelism

By: David Kanter (, February 15, 2008 2:48 pm
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Howard Chu ( on 2/15/08 wrote:
>David Kanter ( on 2/15/08 wrote:
>>Howard Chu ( on 2/14/08 wrote:
>>>* The overarching goal should be to make it easy to write programs that execute
>>>efficiently on highly parallel computing systems
>>>Of course "easy" and "efficient" are opposed goals.
>>Of course, but python is a reasonably efficient language and it is easy. I think
>>the idea is to provide a parallel language that is simple and easy for the app
>>programmers, and then system developers can use C or C++ or whatever they want.
>OK, I'll accept that existing programming languages aren't really helping much
>here. I'm sure that system programmers would appreciate aids to parallelism too.
>There's plenty of useful machine instructions that aren't accessible as C primitives;
>it would be nice to have a language that provides these features without having
>to rely on non-portable assembler or compiler-specific extensions.
>>>* "Autotuners" should play a larger role than conventional compilers in translating parallel programs.
>>>These guys seem to like introspective JVMs and JIT optimizers. I always view this
>>>as a losing proposition. I can either have 100% of my CPU resources crunching a
>>>solution to my problem, or 100-N% crunching, and N% trying to dynamically re-optimize
>>>my code. Hint - write your code correctly in the first >place.
>>This is one place where I think they are spot on. Parallel programming is obscenely
>>expensive, and we need to drive the cost down in order to get more out of future
>>MPUs. One way to do that is to ensure that a lot of parallelism is automatically extracted.
>>Once upon a time, people thought compilers were stupid. But once they were able
>>to get 80-90% of the performance of a human coding assembly, they became pretty
>>damn popular (that and when architectures stopped being programmer friendly).
>>I think there's a clear trend towards HLL for applications programmers. I don't
>>see why this would stop for parallelism.
>I'm not saying that this shouldn't be done in a higher level language. I'm saying
>that I would prefer not to waste cycles re-discovering optimizations each time my
>code is executed. I'd prefer to pay all of the cost of optimization once, and then
>just let the code run without any introspection/virtualization overhead.

So there are two issues here:

1. You're not an average programmer - average programmers are not as good at optimization and are probably lazier
2. Some things are impossible using static optimizations that are trivial when you have run time information

>>>* To maximize programmer productivity, future programming >models must be more
>>>human-centric than the conventional focus on hardware or >applications.
>>>Kinda like what I touched on before, designing programming >languages whose input
>>>tokens aren't character-based. Aside from that it's all >bunk. 3000+ years ago a
>>>guy named Hercules had to clean out the Augean stables. >Today mucking horse stalls
>>>is still a dirty job. That's the nature of the job.
>>Some things are easier in python than in C though...
>I guess. It just strikes me that you can go too far here. >Make a job so easy that
>any idiot can do it, and you'll wind up with lots of >products created by idiots.

That's right, and that's economics for you. Programming has already evolved from a specialist activity to one that is easier and more approachable (ASM-->C-->C++/Java-->Python/Ruby). That trend will continue, so I think making parallel programming easier is the right idea.

I think Intel would be more than happy to trade 5-10mm2 of silicon for letting programmers use their hardware more easily.

>>>* Architects should not include features that significantly affect performance
>>>or energy if programmers cannot accurately measure their >impact via performance counters and energy counters.
>>This sounds like a good idea. Energy counters is >>definitely an interesting one.
>Yes, sounds nice to me for system programmers. Doesn't >sound like something most
>application programmers should have to think about. Though >it's good to have an API to expose it all, definitely.

If you don't want to expose it to applications programmers, then perhaps you need to have a system to do it they don't have to worry about it.

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