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By: someone (, March 25, 2008 9:18 pm
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Jamie Lucier ( on 3/25/08 wrote:
>Linus Torvalds ( on 3/25/08 wrote:
>>I told Intel a long time ago that if they can produce a
>>silent and well-performing workstation I'd add it to my
>>collection of machines.
>>It never happened. Apparently such a thing has never been
>>(Maybe I'm odd, but I refuse to work with a machine that
>>I have to listen to. It's not just ia64 - I think I turned
>>on an early quad-Prescott machine exactly once and
>>refused to ever have anything more to do with it. And no,
>>if it needs to be in another room due to noise issues, it
>>can damn well be in another room and powered off).
>I'm not trolling here, but do you think this preference of yours not to work with
>"loud" machines has in any way impacted Linux in scale up large N-way server platforms which are as a rule loud?
>I appreciate it's not realistic that you work directly on a 128 core machine beside
>your desk, and I also find that in the last couple of years there has been some
>public benchmarks which would suggest that Linux can deliver similar scaling as
>any other OS out there. But does your day to system for development and testing
>in any way prevent Linux from not just matching the scalability of existing OSes but far exceeding them?


Key SGI contributions for enabling 512p Support
• 512p support
• cpusets
• XFS updates
• CSA kernel hook
• TIO support
• cross-partition support
• kdb updates
• LKCD support for 512p
• round-robin tmpfs allocations
• round-robin hash allocations
• round-robin page & slab cache
allocations within a cpuset
• limit kernel hash table size for TCP on
large memory systems
• Out of memory (OOM) killer
• interface for freeing page cache pages
on a per-node basis
• mechanism to trigger dirty buffer cache
page reclaimation (bcfree)
• prefer headless nodes for offnode
• /dev/zero page fault scaling fixes
• faster memory initialization at bootup
• reduced TLB flushing during process
• scheduler modifications for dplace
• scheduling enhancements for 512p
• increased timer resolution (ns) and
• RCU updates
• scaling fixes for inode cache
• scaling fixes for dnotify_parent()
• scaling fixes in do_coredump()
• reduce BKL usage on unmounts
• cacheline coloring
• improve PTC flushing algorithm
• stop slab cache over consumption of
free memory
• reduce start-up/shutdown times for MPI
jobs using XPMEM
• interleave boot, FS dcache, TPC bcache
& ecache hashes in vmalloc()
• flush pagesets same as slab cache to avoid trapping large amounts of
memory in pagesets
• avoidance of huge pageset table during boot
• modify vmalloc() to allow specification of a node
• timer interrupts frequency selectable for IPF
• pmd/pte quicklists
• prezero memory
• improvements to relieve cacheline contention
• toss local buffer cache pages before going off-node
• top level scheduling domain for large NUMA systems
• reduce panics on double-bit errors
• improve panic containment within a partitioned system

Key SGI Contributions for 1024p Configurations (2.6.16+)
• SHUB2 HW Support
• 1024p SSI support
• 4096p NUMAlinked system support
• 1024 node support
• 4-level page tables
• Page fault scalability optimizations
• Page migration
• Allocation of hugetlb pages at fault time
• Parallelized allocation and zeroing of hugetlb
• Zone reclaim (automatic page cache release)
• Ptrace enhancements for memory sharers
• Prevent bad pages from going to free list
• Kernel memory allocation on specified node
• TLB purges improvements for Altix
• Spinlock performance optimizations
• NUMA aware allocation of hugetlb pages
• NUMA aware device memory allocation
• NUMA aware pageset allocation
• NUMA aware slab allocator
• Node specific vmalloc
• Memory UCE recovery enhancements
• Timers now POSIX compliant
• Improved scalability for pthreaded apps.
• FPGA support
• XFS largeio mount option support
• Numerous other XFS improvements
• CPUSET enhancements
– memory pressure meter (was policy kill) for
efficient detection of excessive memory
pressure in a cpuset
– Round-robin page and slab cache
allocation within a cpuset
– ability to rename active cpusets
– dynamic scheduling domain support within
cpusets marked 'cpu_exclusive
– page migration support
– optimized cpuset locking
– cpuset relative cpu and node numbering
– per cpuset allocation of hugetlb pages
– automatic numa mempolicy rebinding
• XPC support for up to 16K CPUs
• XPC shutdown improvements
• XPMEM enhancements
– Improved fault containment for crosspartition
– Remote exclusive support allowing SHMEM
jobs to run across coherence domains
– Shadowing of coherence domains
– Improved cache flushing
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