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Article: A Look at SPECpower
By: Henrik S (, May 13, 2008 2:49 am
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Some comments:

> Sun had some of the most power optimized products,
> courtesy of Niagara"

I think it's worth pointing out that Sun has made no submissions on this benchmark yet, in particular not on Niagara hardware. Now, that may be because their JVM has been lagging in performance on SPECjbb (and by extension, on SPECpower) but now that they seem to have fixed that I hope they will remedy this quickly. Let's see them back up those "performance/watt" claims with hard numbers.

> SPECpower is probably the most complex benchmark that
> SPEC has undertaken to date

Not sure what you mean here... SPECjAppServer2004 and SPECweb2005 are both much more complex to set up, run and optimize for.

> It is to AMD's credit that they were willing to
> participate, given the degree to which their performance > lags behind Intel (roughly a factor of 3X, 698 vs. 203).

Also kudos to Intel that they published a result on an old Xeon (Netburst, Irwindale):

which of course has a really poor score compared to AMD's submission as well as newer Xeons.

> AMD's sole submission uses dual-core Opterons, rather
> than the newer Barcelona - it would be nice to see tests > for AMD's newer server processors.

Yes, and for other hardware. Right now all up to date publications are with Intel Xeon:

...which makes for a boring read. We need submissions on other configurations on this benchmark to make it really interesting. SPECjbb2005 has been more successful in that to date (in large part because of competition between the JVM vendors!).

-- Henrik, BEA JRockit team
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