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Article: A Look at SPECpower
By: Henrik S (, May 14, 2008 3:32 am
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David Kanter ( on 5/14/08 wrote:
>Henrik S ( on 5/13/08 wrote:
>>Some comments:
>>> Sun had some of the most power optimized products,
>>> courtesy of Niagara"
>>I think it's worth pointing out that Sun has made no submissions on this benchmark
>>yet, in particular not on Niagara hardware. Now, that may be because their JVM has
>>been lagging in performance on SPECjbb (and by extension, on SPECpower) but now
>>that they seem to have fixed that I hope they will remedy this quickly. Let's see
>>them back up those "performance/watt" claims with hard >numbers.
>When it was released, Niagara definitely had an edge. I don't know how well it would fare today.

The latest SPECjbb scores for Niagara2 are quite good, so if their power efficiency is as good as their marketing claims then they should be competetive.

But as Wes points out, it's not only about efficiency but also about power management. How good are the Niagara(2) systems on power management?

-- Henrik
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