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Article: A Look at SPECpower
By: Henrik S (, May 14, 2008 11:00 am
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Wes Felter ( on 5/14/08 wrote:
>Henrik S ( on 5/14/08 wrote:
>>How good are the Niagara(2) systems on power management?

Thanks! I assume you intended to highlight this:

'Sun plans to introduce the notion of power-managed states, in which future servers will respond to a user's internal energy policies. For example, a 1 kilowatt server might be tuned to run at only 500 watts, and the server figures out how to run under that constraint, Bapat said.

"Today, our servers don't do that. They burn as much power as they possibly can..."'

So not that good right now, which could be the explanation for the missing SPECpower data on T2. Is it reasonable to say that Intel and AMD are in a better position due to technology sharing with the laptop products?

-- Henrik
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