Will Atom kill VIA?

By: Max (max.delete@this.a.com), August 12, 2008 5:34 pm
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I wonder what effect the apparent success of Intel's Atom is having on VIA's CPU sales. It can't be good.

And AMD is reportedly working on a new low-end design. (I forget the codename).

What are the possible buyers of VIA? Nvidia? Anyone else?

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Will Atom kill VIA?Max2008/08/12 05:34 PM
  Will Atom kill VIA?anon2008/08/12 11:09 PM
    Will Atom kill VIA?Mr. Camel2008/08/13 01:13 AM
      Price is also important though (NT)Rob Thorpe2008/08/13 01:50 AM
        Semprons and Celerons are cheaper (NT)EduardoS2008/08/13 02:24 PM
          What's the price of an ULV Celeron or Sempron?anonymous2008/08/13 04:09 PM
      Will Atom kill VIA?Anonymous2008/08/13 01:51 AM
        Will Atom kill VIA?Paul2008/08/13 01:58 PM
          Will Atom kill VIA?Anonymous2008/08/13 09:18 PM
            Will Atom kill VIA?rcf2008/08/14 10:28 AM
            Will Atom kill VIA?Jouni osmala2008/08/14 12:03 PM
              Will Atom kill VIA? Nokia?Anonymous2008/08/14 01:01 PM
                Will Atom kill VIA? Nokia?Paul2008/08/14 01:09 PM
                  Will Atom kill VIA? Nokia?Anonymous2008/08/14 04:45 PM
            Will Atom kill VIA?Wilco2008/08/14 01:34 PM
              Will Atom kill VIA?David Kanter2008/08/14 06:13 PM
                Will Atom kill VIA?Wilco2008/08/15 01:24 PM
                  Will Atom kill VIA?David Kanter2008/08/15 05:27 PM
                    Will Atom kill VIA?Wilco2008/08/16 07:14 AM
                      Will Atom kill VIA?Michael S2008/08/16 10:22 AM
                        Will Atom kill VIA?Arcadian2008/08/16 11:37 AM
                          Will Atom kill VIA?anonymous2008/08/16 01:58 PM
                            Will Atom kill VIA?Michael S2008/08/16 02:17 PM
                              Will Atom kill VIA?Arcadian2008/08/16 04:49 PM
                            Will Atom kill VIA?Arcadian2008/08/16 04:43 PM
                              Will Atom kill VIA?anonymous2008/08/16 08:12 PM
                                Will Atom kill VIA?David Kanter2008/08/17 10:25 AM
                                Will Atom kill VIA?Groo2008/08/17 10:33 AM
                      Will Atom kill VIA?IntelUser20002008/08/16 05:14 PM
                        Will Atom kill VIA?Wilco2008/08/17 03:19 PM
                          Will Atom kill VIA?IntelUser20002008/08/17 03:36 PM
                            Will Atom kill VIA?David Kanter2008/08/17 11:17 PM
              Will Atom kill VIA?Groo2008/08/14 07:50 PM
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                  x86 decodeArcadian2008/08/14 10:26 PM
                    x86 decodeWilco2008/08/15 01:49 AM
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                      x86 decodeArcadian2008/08/16 09:37 AM
                        x86 decodeMichael S2008/08/16 12:45 PM
                          x86 decodeArcadian2008/08/16 04:53 PM
                Will Atom kill VIA?Wilco2008/08/15 02:05 AM
                  Will Atom kill VIA?Andi Kleen2008/08/15 01:48 PM
                    Will Atom kill VIA?Wilco2008/08/15 02:11 PM
                      Will Atom kill VIA?Michael S2008/08/16 01:31 PM
                        Will Atom kill VIA?Wilco2008/08/17 03:43 PM
                          Will Atom kill VIA?David W. Hess2008/08/17 08:22 PM
                Will Atom kill VIA?Paul2008/08/15 04:21 PM
                  Will Atom kill VIA?Gian-Carlo Pascutto2008/08/16 12:01 AM
                    Will Atom kill VIA?Wilco2008/08/16 03:54 AM
                      Will Atom kill VIA?Gian-Carlo Pascutto2008/08/17 09:26 AM
                  Will Atom kill VIA?Groo2008/08/16 11:27 AM
              ARM in a "PC"?anonymous2008/08/15 05:45 PM
                ARM in a "PC"?Potatoswatter2008/08/15 07:27 PM
                  ARM in a "PC"?anonymous2008/08/15 10:21 PM
                    ARM in a "PC"?Wilco2008/08/16 04:47 AM
                      ARM in a "PC"?someone2008/08/16 09:32 AM
                      ARM in a "PC"?Michael S2008/08/16 11:14 AM
                        ARM in a "PC"?Max2008/08/16 01:29 PM
                        ARM in a "PC"?Wilco2008/08/16 02:34 PM
                          ARM in a "PC"?Michael S2008/08/16 03:44 PM
                            ARM in a "PC"?Linus Torvalds2008/08/16 04:10 PM
                              ARM in a "PC"?Michael S2008/08/16 05:37 PM
                                ARM in a "PC"?Potatoswatter2008/08/16 06:32 PM
                                  Why register windows in SPARC?Rob Thorpe2008/08/18 01:50 AM
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                                        CZS vs OPotatoswatter2008/08/17 01:02 PM
                                      ARM in a "PC"?Potatoswatter2008/08/17 01:00 PM
                                    Forth is awesome...Howard Chu2008/08/17 11:52 AM
                                  ARM in a "PC"?Michael S2008/08/17 05:48 AM
                                    ARM in a "PC"?Linus Torvalds2008/08/17 09:19 AM
                                      Register windows suckDavid Kanter2008/08/17 10:51 AM
                                        Register windows suckPotatoswatter2008/08/17 01:21 PM
                                          Register windows suckDavid Kanter2008/08/17 11:22 PM
                                        Register windows suckWilco2008/08/17 02:00 PM
                                      ARM in a "PC"?Mark Roulo2008/08/18 06:47 AM
                                  Alpha is ... improved MIPS?Michael S2008/08/17 08:52 AM
                                    Alpha is ... improved MIPS?Jouni osmala2008/08/17 11:49 AM
                                      Comparison with zero is commonWilco2008/08/17 01:16 PM
                              ARM in a "PC"?RagingDragon2008/08/16 10:42 PM
                          how bout 68k?Potatoswatter2008/08/16 06:19 PM
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                                                                  running a businessslacker2008/09/03 05:39 PM
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                                              what's normal ??Richard Cownie2008/08/27 04:25 PM
                                                what's normal ??JS2008/08/27 09:18 PM
                                                  what's normal ??Richard Cownie2008/08/28 07:47 AM
                                                    very good point. (NT)Potatoswatter2008/08/28 11:02 AM
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                                              "RISC" philosophyRichard Cownie2008/08/27 10:58 AM
                                                "RISC" philosophyRob Thorpe2008/08/27 11:42 AM
                                                  "RISC" philosophyRichard Cownie2008/08/27 12:09 PM
                                                    "RISC" philosophyRichard Cownie2008/08/27 12:18 PM
                                                      "RISC" philosophyRob Thorpe2008/08/29 03:07 AM
                                                        "RISC" philosophyMichael S2008/08/29 06:18 AM
                                  how bout 68k?Max2008/08/18 04:45 PM
                                    how bout 68k?Rob Thorpe2008/08/25 12:49 AM
                                      how bout 68k?Wilco2008/08/25 04:47 AM
                                        how bout 68k?Michael S2008/08/25 06:15 AM
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                                          how bout 68k?Wilco2008/08/25 10:45 AM
                                            x86 segment + offset?Paul A. Clayton2008/08/25 11:07 AM
                                              x86 segment + offset?Wilco2008/08/25 01:41 PM
                                                x86 segment + offset?EduardoS2008/08/25 02:25 PM
                                                  x86 segment + offset?Rob Thorpe2008/08/26 12:03 PM
                                            IIRC PPC does not have pre-increment, it does have post- (NT)anon2008/08/25 10:05 PM
                                              You're wrong. Check again. (NT)Michael S2008/08/25 11:56 PM
                                          how bout 68k?Max2008/08/25 12:28 PM
                                            how bout 68k?Michael S2008/08/25 03:10 PM
                      ARM in a "PC"?Anonymous2008/08/16 03:38 PM
                  Cortex-R4 = deeply embeddedPeter2008/08/16 06:37 PM
                x86 compatible ARMMax2008/08/16 03:14 AM
                  x86 compatible ARMLinus Torvalds2008/08/16 02:35 PM
                    x86 compatible ARMPeter2008/08/16 07:35 PM
                      x86 compatible ARMWilco2008/08/17 02:48 PM
                    x86 compatible ARMRob Thorpe2008/08/18 02:59 AM
                      x86 compatible ARMWilco2008/08/18 04:39 AM
                ARM in a "PC"?Wes Felter2008/08/16 10:24 AM
                  Marvell has 2 Ghz ARM cores (NT)anonymous2008/08/16 01:44 PM
                    Marvell has 2 Ghz ARM cores (NT)Wilco2008/08/17 02:19 PM
                  ARM in a "PC"?Anonymous2008/08/16 03:43 PM
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                  ARM in a "PC"?Andi Kleen2008/08/16 07:01 PM
                ARM in a "PC"?RagingDragon2008/08/16 10:51 PM
                Dell Latitude "ON"Rob Thorpe2008/08/18 02:22 AM
                  Dell Latitude "ON"Wes Felter2008/08/18 06:57 PM
                    Dell Latitude "ON"Rob Thorpe2008/08/25 01:14 AM
              Will Atom kill VIA?jeff2008/08/19 05:01 PM
          Will Atom kill VIA?anon2008/08/14 01:11 PM
            Will Atom kill VIA?Paul2008/08/14 01:54 PM
              Fans are a non--starterDavid Kanter2008/08/14 06:14 PM
                Fans are a non--starteranon2008/08/14 09:06 PM
                  In that case...David Kanter2008/08/15 02:24 AM
            Will Atom kill VIA?Potatoswatter2008/08/14 02:44 PM
          OMAP Not Lower PowerArcadian2008/08/14 06:12 PM
            OMAP Is Far Lower PowerWilco2008/08/15 01:38 AM
              OMAP Is Far Lower PowerPeter2008/08/15 01:45 PM
                Again, that is not what it says in the specArcadian2008/08/16 09:13 AM
                  Again, that is not what it says in the specGroo2008/08/16 11:18 AM
                    Again, that is not what it says in the specArcadian2008/08/16 11:45 AM
                    Again, that is not what it says in the specMichael S2008/08/16 12:06 PM
                      Again, that is not what it says in the specRagingDragon2008/08/16 11:12 PM
              You are not reading the specs correctlyArcadian2008/08/16 09:08 AM
                You are not reading the specs correctlyWilco2008/08/17 03:08 PM
                  You are not reading the specs correctlysomeone2008/08/17 04:31 PM
                    You are not reading the specs correctlyIntelUser20002008/08/17 09:16 PM
                  You are not reading the specs correctlyArcadian2008/08/17 11:06 PM
      Will Atom kill VIA?anon62008/08/13 09:04 AM
        Will Atom kill VIA?IntelUser20002008/08/13 06:54 PM
          Will Atom kill VIA?rcf2008/08/14 11:13 AM
            Will Atom kill VIA?Wes Felter2008/08/14 11:24 AM
              Will Atom kill VIA?rcf2008/08/14 12:18 PM
                Will Atom kill VIA?Anonymous2008/08/14 01:04 PM
                  Will Atom kill VIA?rcf2008/08/14 03:10 PM
                    Will Atom kill VIA?Anonymous2008/08/14 04:53 PM
                      Will Atom kill VIA?rcf2008/08/14 06:23 PM
                        Will Atom kill VIA?Anonymous2008/08/14 07:43 PM
                          Will Atom kill VIA?rcf2008/08/14 09:21 PM
                    Will Atom kill VIA?Andi Kleen2008/08/15 01:57 PM
  Atom's helping VIAa nony mouse2008/08/16 09:33 AM
  Maybe China ...Opteron2008/08/31 03:04 AM
    Maybe China ...Michael S2008/08/31 04:42 AM
      Maybe China ...no@thanks.com2008/08/31 10:10 AM
      Maybe China ...Arun Demeure2008/08/31 02:05 PM
        Maybe China ...David Kanter2008/08/31 09:21 PM
          Maybe China ...Gabriele Svelto2008/08/31 11:14 PM
            WowDavid Kanter2008/09/01 10:38 AM
              WowGabriele Svelto2008/09/02 12:04 AM
            only academic?Potatoswatter2008/09/02 06:28 PM
              only academic?JS2008/09/02 09:05 PM
                only academic?Potatoswatter2008/09/03 06:13 AM
                  only academic?David Kanter2008/09/03 10:02 AM
                    only academic?Potatoswatter2008/09/03 03:13 PM
                      only academic?Dean Kent2008/09/03 05:25 PM
                        only academic?Potatoswatter2008/09/03 10:11 PM
                          only academic?Gabriele Svelto2008/09/03 10:53 PM
                          BSDavid Kanter2008/09/03 11:14 PM
                            BSJS2008/09/03 11:55 PM
                              But why emulate x86?RagingDragon2008/09/04 07:29 PM
                                But why emulate x86?anonymous2008/09/04 11:37 PM
                                  But why emulate x86?JS2008/09/05 12:28 AM
                                    But why emulate x86?Potatoswatter2008/09/05 09:18 PM
                                    But why emulate x86?RagingDragon2008/09/07 12:21 AM
                                Because you can, and you have toJoe2008/09/05 09:47 AM
                                  Because you can, and you have toRagingDragon2008/09/07 12:36 AM
                            Chinese government technology strategyRob Thorpe2008/09/04 01:49 AM
                              Chinese government technology strategyhobold2008/09/04 04:53 AM
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                                  Chinese government technology strategyPotatoswatter2008/09/04 01:21 PM
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                                  Chinese government technology strategyRagingDragon2008/09/04 07:34 PM
                                    Chinese government technology strategyRob Thorpe2008/09/05 11:34 AM
                                      Chinese government technology strategyPotatoswatter2008/09/05 09:17 PM
                                        Chinese government technology strategyRob Thorpe2008/09/06 11:03 AM
                                          Chinese government technology strategyPotatoswatter2008/09/06 08:32 PM
                                            Chinese government technology strategyRob Thorpe2008/09/07 05:33 AM
                                    Why governments support industriesMax2008/09/06 07:40 AM
                                      I think you might be right (NT)Rob Thorpe2008/09/06 11:17 AM
                            BSPotatoswatter2008/09/04 05:00 AM
                              Chinese technical gapDavid Kanter2008/09/04 09:14 AM
                                Chinese technical gapPotatoswatter2008/09/04 01:07 PM
                              BSRob Thorpe2008/09/04 09:58 AM
                                BSPotatoswatter2008/09/04 01:18 PM
                                  BSrwessel2008/09/04 01:43 PM
                                  BSJasonB2008/09/05 12:43 AM
                                  BSRob Thorpe2008/09/05 11:59 AM
                                    BSPotatoswatter2008/09/05 04:41 PM
                                      BSThiago Kurovski2008/09/06 04:33 AM
                                      BSRob Thorpe2008/09/06 11:20 AM
                                        BSPotatoswatter2008/09/06 08:57 PM
                                          BSRob Thorpe2008/09/07 06:27 AM
                                            BSPotatoswatter2008/09/07 01:15 PM
                                              BSanonymous2008/09/07 01:59 PM
                                                BSPotatoswatter2008/09/07 04:22 PM
                                                  BS - Sigh.Anonymous2008/09/07 08:56 PM
                                                    BS - Sigh.anonymous2008/09/07 09:46 PM
                                                      BS - Sigh.RagingDragon2008/09/07 11:56 PM
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                                                      Universal increase in wealthDoug Siebert2008/09/08 09:56 PM
                                                        Universal increase in wealthMax2008/09/08 10:45 PM
                                                        Universal increase in wealthRob Thorpe2008/09/09 02:48 AM
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                                                            Do not attribute to maliceRob Thorpe2008/09/16 07:12 AM
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                                                    Government Sponsored EnterprisesRagingDragon2008/09/13 08:50 AM
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                only academic?Potatoswatter2008/09/03 09:58 PM
                only academic?Gabriele Svelto2008/09/03 10:57 PM
          Maybe China ...Groo2008/09/01 09:25 AM
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