By: Michael S (, September 10, 2008 8:54 am
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Linus Torvalds ( on 9/10/08 wrote:
>Michael S ( on 9/10/08 wrote:
>>For normal usage write latency doesn't matter at all.
>This is absolutely not true!
>It's a common mistake to think this, but the fact is,
>write latency - even for individual IOs - can matter a
>You are right to a point that it doesn't matter for normal
>write-backs that are all totally buffered, but:
>- most hardware interfaces have quite limited queues.
>For example, if you're a SATA disk, the number of
>outstanding writes to the disk is usually in the low
>tens (ie 16-32). It can be lower.
>This means that if you have a GC event that means that
>writes will basically hit a roadblock for tens or even
>hundreds of milliseconds, then if any writeback is
>going on, then totally unrelated reads will also
>be blocked, simply because there are no more entries in
>the hardware queue.
>Yes, you can limit the number of outstanding writes to
>less than the number of hw queue entries, but nobody
>does that because it would hurt throughput quite a lot.

But in this case I'd suffer from increased _read_ latency (and/or reduced throughput), not write. That's something I can measure.

>- even if you never hit the above issue (and you will),
>there are many operations that effectively require
>synchronous writes.
>This will commonly happen for certain metadata (it does
>depend on the filesystem a lot), but it will also happen
>for perfectly regular data when the user asks for a
>sync write. And no, it's not at all "special" to do that.
>Every single sane mail reader will do it, to make sure
>that email won't be lost in case of a data loss. A lot
>of editors will do it for the same reason. Anybody who
>uses a database will do it, and many databases will have
>a huge hiccup if the writes bunch up due to GC events.

As I said in the other post, then the storage device should lie to you, or let's call it telling more relevant truth :-)
It should tell me that the data is written not when it is actually written to non-volatile media but immediately after device itself is sure that it will inevitably happen.

>And what uses databases? Pretty much everything. Look
>at Firefox-3. It puts all your browsing history, and all
>your preferences, and all your caches in one single
>database, and then because the database engine thinks it
>is all so horibly important (and the FF people were
>silly enough to do so too), it will write much of it out
>synchronously. Causing huge delays when the file
>system must flush the whole log.
>Really. None of the above issues are even remotely
>odd or uncommon, even for very standard desktop operations
>(and that's when you'll notice half-second pauses very very
>clearly indeed!).
>So single-write latency very much absolutely does matter.
>And yes, you can put a RAM buffer on the SSD, have a cap
>to give it time to flush even in the case of power loss,
>return "success" early from the write, and yes, people
>actually do that. But no, it doesn't actually help
>at all for the event of something like a GC cycle causing
>a few hundred ms of delays.
>Why? Because when that happens, al writes will be
>buffered up, and it will just move the point (slightly)
>at which point the thing is stuck. It can hide the problem
>under light load, but not under any kind of real
>write-back event.

But then again, I'd feel the problem as the read latency, read throughput or write throughput.

>>Write latency doesn't matter so much that application
>>program has no easy way to measure it.
>Sadly, a lot of people seem to think like you. The whole
>FF thing was a total disaster. Now, admittedly, it was
>largely just the FF people being totally stupid, and just
>thinking that databases are wonderful, but that in turn
>was because people don't understand these issues!
>>The only case where write latency matters is a data
>>retention during sudden loss of power, but that's vendor's
>>problem, not ours. At least I hope so.
>See above: your buffers will fill up.
>And if you think a few hundred ms is unrealistic for a
>GC event, you're very naive! Even with much faster
>RAM, even with much smaller data sets, GC events can take
>seconds to complete if you do them badly. From the
>timings I've seen of the OCZ SSD's (which actually perform
>really well on average), when it hits a wall, it really
>does hit a wall, ie latencies really are in the
>second range, not milliseconds.
>(To some degree, GC on a SSD is slightly simpler than GC on
>some generic RAM allocation, since you have fixed 512-byte
>blocks rather than any random size. But on the other hand,
>the whole erase cycle thing introduces complexities all its
>own, so I suspect it's all pretty nasty).
>>Random writes throughput is something we could measure
>>with relative ease, That tells as that, unlike write
>>latency, random writes throughput could be practically
>I do not know why you link "ease of measurement" with the
>concept of "importance". Why do you link the two?

Because, when something is important to me I should always know how to measure it, may be not precisely, but at least I should be easily able to tell that A is bigger than B. To do it just compare the "goodness" of the very same operation for which you think the property in question is important.

>Yes, write-back performance is much harder to measure, but
>that's because it's asynchronous, not because it's
>not important.
>And things like hiccups in sync write latencies are harder
>to measure because they have very non-obvious patterns, to
>the point of being almost random (ie it will depend on
>other load issues like how much data is queued up in the
>system, and where the GC event happens, etc etc).
>And yes, latency in general is much harder to measure
>well than throughput. For throughput, you just time the
>start and the end, and divide by the amount of work. But
>measuring latency means having to have lots and lots of
>timing points over the whole workload, and doing some real
>analysis to see where maxima are etc.

I don't agree that read latency is hard to measure. It can be time-consuming and it is possible that in order to be relevant the result should be presented as histogram rather than a single number, but conceptually the measurement is simple. Not so for write latency.

>So yes, throughput is much much easier to measure. But then
>thinking that that means that it is more important is really
>misguided. When you actually use a desktop, I will
>guarantee you that what ends up irritating you will
>almost always be the latency issues, not the throughput.

Yes, almost always the latency. Read latency.
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