Google phone/iPhone/et. al.

By: Dean Kent (, September 18, 2008 10:19 am
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I just read about the release of the Google phone, which apparently is intended to get more people doing web searches, and therefore drive more ad sales for Google. I presume this means that these smart phones are becoming good enough to provide a reasonably satisfying browsing experience.

So, I'm going to try to reignite a discussion from some time back. Most PC users limit their usage to email, Web browsing and a few simple games and apps. With text messaging and the ability to browse, amongst other things - how soon will we see smart phones start to replace PCs for most frequently performed tasks, with the PC really being more of a 'central storage' for their data, along with a few critical applications (think of the way mainframes are used for large corporations vs. the 'distributed' systems that do most of the... er... lightweight... work).

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Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Dean Kent2008/09/18 10:19 AM
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    Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Dean Kent2008/09/19 06:50 AM
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      Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Dean Kent2008/09/19 01:11 PM
        Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Paul2008/09/19 03:59 PM
        Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Jukka Larja2008/09/20 01:29 AM
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                    Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Jukka Larja2008/10/01 10:53 PM
                      Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Jack Palevich2008/10/02 02:16 PM
      Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Michael S2008/09/20 08:03 AM
        Google phone/iPhone/et. al.anonymous2008/09/20 06:09 PM
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            Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Jukka Larja2008/09/20 10:28 PM
            Google phone/iPhone/et. al.anonymous2008/09/21 12:09 AM
              Google phone/iPhone/et. al.Dean Kent2008/09/21 04:36 AM
                Google phone/iPhone/et. al.stubar2008/09/21 06:24 PM
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