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By: David Kanter (, November 3, 2008 12:23 pm
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Welcome back from the weekend, everyone, and what a weekend it has been. The embargo date for reviews of Bloomfield was 11pm last night, and there are dozens of reviews available online.

I thought I'd highlight two reviews of Nehalem and a review of various Nehalem motherboards.

Michael Schuette of Lost Circuits is back online and posted a review last night:

Scott Wasson has an extremely detailed and systematic review, setting the standard as usual:

In particular, I'd highlight his power measurements - - by and large, Nehalem consumes about the same amount of power, for a very noticeable increase in performance in many cases.

Geoff from TR has also reviewed two motherboards (one from Intel and one from Asus) for Bloomfield. Neither is cheap at all - in fact, both cost more than the 2.4GHz Bloomfield.

I think the bottom line for performance is that Nehalem really delivers in spades. In quite a few cases, it even outperforms a 2 socket "skulltrail" system.

As of yet, there are no official benchmarks from Intel, such as SPECcpu2006, SPECjbb2005, TPC-E, etc. However, those are most assuredly in the works and my guess is that they will be available later in November.

I think the bottom line is that AMD is going to find that the desktop and 1-2S markets will be rather difficult for the next couple of years.

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