3S Jbb2005 result, for fun

By: mpx (mpx.delete@this.nomail.pl), March 31, 2009 11:00 am
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Michael S (already5chosen@yahoo.com) on 3/31/09 wrote:
>mpx (mpx@nomail.pl) on 3/31/09 wrote:
>>Michael S (already5chosen@yahoo.com) on 3/30/09 wrote:
>>>So don't buy Nehalem CPUs from tier-1 vendors.
>>Might be difficult if someone uses proprietary management/monitoring tools from
>>particular server producer (eg. Fujitsu ServerView, or HP Insight Control).
>I have no experience with those tools.
>Suppose you buy HP Proliant server with a single X5550 that appears to be the cheapest
>Xeon with 6.4 GT/s QPI and with a single 1GB DIMM. Then you buy a couple of X5570
>and 12x4GB DIMMs in your preferred cheap shop and plug them in.

These manufacturers don't usually allow to use memory or disks from other companies, there are active checks in the bios against it. But there are some exceptions, sometimes modules from Kingston and likes are accepted. There's a problem with loosing warranty by using other companies memory/disk.

>Do you say that HP management software will refuse to work with upgraded box?

RAM/CPU don't make a difference to this kind of software, it's more based on

1) management subsystem abilities: every server has it's own proprietary type of card management subsystem (ILO for HP, RSA for IBM, RMC for Fujtisu). These subsystems not only allow to work remotely on console, but also have monitoring abilites (temperatures, hardware events etc.) that monitoring software can use.

2) Software agents installed in the operating system - main management/monitoring functionality is here. They checks if the server has BIOS/motherboard from the manufacturer.
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