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By: RagingDragon (a.delete@this.b.c), September 28, 2009 3:46 pm
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Richard Cownie ( on 9/27/09 wrote:
>David W. Hess ( on 9/26/09 wrote:
>>MIPS is still used for a significant number of new designs. MicroChip even adopted
>>MIPS for their recent 32 bit microcontroller instead of ARM. Maybe the licensing was cheaper?
>MIPS has always been strong in embedded networking, e.g.
>network switches and wireless routers and suchlike. ARM
>has been dominant in cellphones. I'm not sure whether
>the reasons for that split are technical (is ARM, especially
>ARM7, much lower power than MIPS, and thus better for
>handheld battery-powered products ?), or just a historical
>accident. I'd probably guess that the low-end ARM goes
>cheaper and smaller and lower-power than any of the
>ARM cores.
>I've recently been reading about hacks to run Linux
>on cheap consumer devices like wireless routers and
>network disk controllers (e.g. the Linksys NSLU2).
>Just ordered a TrendNet TEW632 wireless router, which
>has a 400MHz MIPS core, 4MB of flash, 32MB DRAM, and
>of course several Ethernet interfaces. You can get them
>for about $32 ... Anyhow, most of those routers are
>MIPS-based, a few are ARM-based - some have the same
>product number and v1 is ARM, v2 is MIPS, presumably
>just depending on which SoC offered adequate performance
>at the right price. Google "OpenWRT" for a lot of info
>on all this.

The original Linksys WRT routers used MIPS + Linux, but later switched to something (perhaps ARM?) + Palm OS.

If I recall correctly the switch was motivated by a licensing dispute - Linksys used Broadcom wireless chips, and Broadcom wouldn't allow Linksys to release the source code for the Linux kernel modules required to operate the Broadcom chips. As a result Linksys were called out for violating the GPL (I don't know if the dispute ever got to court), and switched from Linux to PalmOS.
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