TOP2 probably illegal smart moves

By: Jouni Osmala (, September 29, 2009 11:08 pm
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>>>I don't think that P6 really stole much from Alpha. The really tricky part for
>>>P6 was figuring out how you might get x86-->uops efficiently with sufficient ILP for OOOE.
>>Yes. My impression was that it was Pentium (not PentiumPro)
>>that involved more, to put it politely, disputed technology.
>>The relative timing of the first Alpha AXP and the first
>>Pentium would suggest that was plausible. And since Intel
>>ended up paying about $700M to DEC (admittedly in a complex
>>deal which bought Intel a fab and various other stuff), I
>>tend to think there was some substance to DEC's claims.
>>Pentium was the first time Intel went superscalar; and it
>>was the first time they got in the same ballpark as RISC
>>(at least the weaker RISCs - Pentium overtook SPARCstation,
>>and stayed ahead as it ramped up clockspeed while
>>SuperSPARC flopped). If you see a mediocre hitter who
>>suddenly starts hitting 40+ home runs, you reckon he's
>>probably cheating. And Intel's cpu designs made that kind
>>of leap between 486 and Pentium.
>The leap between 486 and Pentium had four main contributors:
>1. Writeback on-chip data cache (486 on-chip cache was write through and unified with instruction cache).
>2. Faster _and_ wider external bus - 4x peak throughput
>3. Pipelined FPU - about 10x peak theoretical throughput over i486 and more than twice lower latency
>4. 2-way superscalarity
>I don't know which of the first three factors was the most important but I am pretty
>sure that the fourth factor (superscalarity) was not nearly as significant as either of the first three.
>Do you remember what exactly, according to DEC's claim, Intel stole from them? Was it from Alpha or from VAX

If I recall correctly it was about branch predictor. Used in PPro.
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