Harpertown Performance Preview

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FlamMap is one of our new benchmarks, and came courtesy of the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory. We used a 64 bit version, which was compiled with Microsoft’s Visual Studio. There is a newer version that uses Intel’s compiler for higher performance, but we did not have the time to obtain the newer version and re-run our tests. We used the Fire Spread Probability module in the FlamMap application, which simulates the possible behavior of a fire using Monte Carlo methods based on expected weather patterns, available fuel and other factors.

Figure 3 – FlamMap Performance

FlamMap showed a fairly substantial increase in performance for Harpertown, roughly an 18% improvement in IPC and that is discounting any IPC advantages the slower chip may have (which we cannot measure or infer, unfortunately). The source of these gains are most likely the increased bandwidth for the front-side bus although the faster divider could also play a role.

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