Engineering Roundtable I: Newisys’ HORUS Chipset

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This is an edited version of the transcript from Real World Technologies’ first Engineering Roundtable. The transcript has been edited for clarity, coherence and correctness; questions and answers have been grouped topically and some statements have been significantly reworded. An unaltered version of the transcript can be found here.

Editors Note: This Roundtable was partially prompted by a recent paper and presentation about HORUS at Hot Chips XVI. A copy of this presentation may be obtained here. We strongly encourage that readers first skim this paper, as it will help to understand many of the issues discussed in the Roundtable.

Opteron is a trademark of AMD.


David Kanter:
Welcome everyone to our first Roundtable, right now we are in a moderated room. In a moderated room, not all users can speak aloud. The general format is that once you ‘speak’ a message it goes into a queue, which is then reviewed by David, Dean, Rajesh and I. We then pick a message out of the queue, and then choose to direct it to the guest (Rajesh), or the public. This helps to keep the signal to noise ratio high and avoid inappropriate questions. Now let us get to your questions.

How do we contact you for more info on the chip and collaboration on building a system using the chip?

Rajesh Kota:
You can contact me at

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