Engineering Roundtable I: Newisys’ HORUS Chipset

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David Wang:
Okay, let’s finish up with one last question.

Expanding on the scaling question, with HORUS winding down, what is the next step? Is there anything on the wish list for HORUS II that you can talk about?

Rajesh Kota:
Unfortunately, we can’t talk about it. But yes we are working on next steps.

David Kanter:
Iit’s about 3:30 now, so we are ending the Roundtable. Thank you very much to Mr. Kota for being our guest, and thanks to all of our audience members for showing up with your questions.

Thank you, Mr. Kota, for attending this round table and answering our questions. Very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

David Kanter:
Indeed, I enjoyed this immensely

Rajesh Kota:
If you have any more questions please use the forum at RWT. Thanks to everyone for this opportunity.

Yes thanks Mr. Kota and to RWT.

David Kanter:
Absolutely, thanks to everyone for showing up.

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