Intel’s i845 Chipset – A Second Look

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3D and Gaming

I’ll start off with the CPU score from 3D Winbench 2000, which is a test of CPU power under 3D usage.

Almost 25%, a very significant difference between the P3 and P4 CPU’s of similar cost. Will we continue to see that sort of difference?

Not with Unreal Tournament, which is essentially a tie, since 1.06% is so small. Is this a trend to expect other games to reflect? I don’t think so, but remember we are looking to at least equal the older P3 with the P4.

Quake is more of what I’d expect – a healthy advantage to the P4 over the P3. It is interesting to see it’s not as large as some of the SYSmark results, but larger than those from Winstone.

Quake is a good benchmark to check for differences in pure memory speed and CPU performance, because it reacts to any minor change. The Winbench CPUmark does the same, and the name is kind of misleading since it actually tests the CPU, any cache and main memory. So regardless of the actual memory performance the overall performance (again – isn’t that what you want?) is better with the P4 1.5 than with a P3 800. Dollar for dollar, the P4 does give better system performance.

So what about video playback performance? Something that is getting to be more and more important on today’s systems.

Again, the Pentium 4 has a significant advantage over the P3 – just what I’d expect in this type of application with the architecture of the P4 CPU.

I thought the 3Dmark 2001 individual results would be worthwhile looking at here:

Notice that the overall advantage to the P4 is a bit over 11% – not huge but significant. But look at the individual scores, they range from a low of 6.45% to a whopping 17.79%. A good example how different tests give different results and why it’s hard to sometimes give an overall generalization of a components performance.

Another set of tests where it’s interesting to look at the overall and individual results:

As with the 3DMark 2001 we see a wide range of results depending on the test shown. I find the 2D score vs. 3D score doesn’t quite jive with some of the other test run though, so that makes the results interesting.

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