IDF Fall 2005, Day 1

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Emerging Markets

While everyone has heard about Intel’s reorganization and the increasing focus on the “platform”, it has been unclear to many (including me) what that means at the end of the day. Part of Otellini’s presentation made it very clear that Intel sees developing nations as a huge opportunity. One of the major focuses of the “platform” orientation is to adapt Intel’s standard solutions to the individual needs of each market. For example, it was pointed out that a reliable power grid is not present in nations such as India, and that power outages are the norm there. So naturally, a PC designed for this market should have a battery; Intel showed off a platform design with an integrated car battery to deal with problem. Another problem in the developing world is connectivity; that is where WiMAX comes into play. Intel is using this as an opportunity sell complementary goods; new platforms will come with WiMAX receivers, and Intel will also be selling WiMAX base stations of course.

While I haven’t closely examined many of the platform efforts, I think it is really worth highlighting that Intel is actually following through and executing on this platform orientation. Whether it makes a difference is up to the markets and consumers, but it seems to me that Intel is certainly making an effort to sell platforms rather than individual products.

That’s it for now; more to come later. We will try and get some good Yonah coverage and other topics.

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