Coverage of IEDM 2003: Day 1

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This is the first installment of David’s coverage of IEDM, one of the most important conferences for the semiconductor industry. On this first day, he covers various applications of organic semiconductors, strained silicon and high-K gate dielectrics. The second installment focuses AMD and Intel process technologies

What is IEDM?

IEDM stands for International Electron Devices Meeting. IEDM is a highly technical conference where material scientists, process technology engineers, physicists, circuit engineers, from Industry and Academia gather once every year to discuss the latest advancements in basic electron devices. Advancements in DRAM cell design, new transistor device structure, next generation process technology, physical device reliability characteristics, nanotechnology, polymer memory, and many other fundamental device-related issues are discussed at IEDM each year. IEDM is held in San Francisco and Washington D.C. in Alternating years. IEDM 2003 is being held in the Hilton Washington and Towers in Washington D.C. from December 8 through December 10, 2003. This year, over 2000 attendees will listen to 200+ papers divided into 39 sessions. Presenters are allotted 20~25 minutes for each paper to describe their work to conference attendees. Due to the sheer volume of papers being presented, multiple sessions are presented in parallel in different meeting rooms. Conference attendees would sometimes have to make difficult choices in deciding which presentation to attend for interesting papers being presented in parallel sessions at the same time.

Conferences such as IEDM, ISSCC, and VLSI are of tremendous interest to computer design engineers and architects, since these conferences bring the latest research into the basic building blocks of computer systems to the attention of the users of such basic blocks to construct complex processors and computer systems.

Day 1 Topics:

Due to the nature of the parallel sessions, it becomes physically impossible to cover all papers in this conference. For day one of this year’s IEDM, we will selectively cover technical paper presentations relating to some low cost emerging technologies such as organic RF transponders, organic transistors on Fiber, which could potentially enable wearable clothing with embedded intelligence, strained silicon channels for next generation process technologies and high-K Gate dielectrics.

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