Coverage of IEDM 2003: AMD and Intel on Day 2

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This is the second installment of David’s coverage of IEDM, one of the most important conferences for the semiconductor industry. The first installment covered various applications of organic semiconductors, strained silicon and high-K gate dielectrics. This article focuses on presentations given by AMD and Intel on their process technologies.

Process Technology: Recent Past, Now, Real Soon Now, and the Future

In Session 11 at IEDM 2003, AMD, NEC, Fujitsu, Samsung, Motorola and Intel all presented information relating to their respective process technologies. While some presented material relating to the learning obtained in the current process generation, some others presented material on interesting aspects of their next generation process technology, while the remaining presented more bleeding edge processes that may be more than a few months away from commercialization. Each of the papers thus presented different perspectives on the different process technologies. Partial coverage for the second day’s events is provided here, specifically concentrating on AMD and Intel. This focus on AMD and Intel is not only because they presented interesting papers, but process technology developments by these two companies most closely impact the evolution of the commodity processor market. As a result, the coverage here is devoted to the process technology from these two companies specifically.

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