The IOSS BIOS Savior

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The BIOS Savior is an interesting product and quite useful in a variety of situations. The primary application for most people would be to just provide protection against BIOS corruption. Whether it’s a virus that damages your BIOS firmware or a flash update that didn’t take, this low cost option can save you a lot of pain and anguish. If you maintain mission critical systems, and downtime is disastrous, this may be the best $20 you or your company ever spent. If your company has a number of the same or similar computers, the BIOS Savior can also act as a programmer and help bail you out of a tough spot if you need to clone or recover a BIOS chip quickly. For support people and serious hobbyists, this product is interesting in that you can try out a BIOS version before committing to it. You can also try different settings inside the BIOS and see their effects on system performance. You might even be able to recover a dead board like I did by creatively using it in a working system to migrate a working BIOS into a non-working system.

The only downside I found is the assembly itself is quite fragile and care needs to be taken in it’s use. If you are going to install it once and forget about it, your problems will be minimized. If you want to use it as a tool and migrate it from system to system for testing or disaster recovery, it’s mighty difficult to remove a BIOS chip from the BIOS Savior. There simply is not an easy way to remove a chip from the adapter once it’s installed. Despite this little caveat, the BIOS Savior is a recommended little product that many people will benefit from.

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