IWill Slocket II Evaluation

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Resources and Test Notes

Documentation and Included Items

The documentation is fairly skimpy – a single 3 inch by 6 inch piece of paper with all jumper settings printed on one side. Though mostly self explanatory, there is one critical piece of information not included – the ‘default’ settings for the voltage. This turns out to be pins 1-2 for JP1 thru JP5. All of the explicit voltage settings are clearly indicated, however. There are no other included items.

Other Resources

As with any product, there is a chance that you will need to get assistance with installation and/or troubleshooting. IWill has current information on the Slocket II at their website. You may find the following links useful:

IWill Home Pages:

For Slocket II specific information:

Another valuable resource is Usenet. The following two newsgroups may prove to be helpful:

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