Using The K6-III on Older Boards

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Motherboard/Amperages Table

What we are now left with is the amperage requirement. No manufacturer currently lists the maximum amperage their motherboard can handle in their specs. We have been able to get this information on several popular ‘older’ motherboards from ASUS, FIC, Soyo and M Tech, which is provided in the table below and eventually will put into our database of motherboard specs. We will continue to do our research to fill in this valuable piece of information for as many motherboard models as possible.

ASUSP/I P55T2P4 rev 3.112A
ASUSTX-97 (all variations)12A
FICPA-2007 rev 1.210A
FICVA-503 rev 1.0A12A
FICPA-2012 rev 1.220A
FICVA-503+ rev 1.220A
FICPA-2013 rev 2.020A
SoyoSY-5EH5/M rev 0.810A
SoyoSY-5EH5/M rev 1.014A
SoyoSY-5EMA rev 0.810A
SoyoSY-5EMA rev 1.014A
SoyoSY-5EH5/M rev 0.810A
M TechR581A10A

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