Using The K6-III on Older Boards

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PowerLeap Adapters

Some users may feel uncomfortable running the K6-III on a motherboard that is not officially endorsed by AMD, or may not have a motherboard that can supply the proper voltage. For these individuals, there is an alternative that does not require replacing the motherboard – PowerLeap. PowerLeap has been providing special adapters for running new processors on older boards for a number of years, and are well known in the industry. Following is an exerpt from an email that PowerLeap sent to us…

The adapters we make have a patented feature: they have their own voltage regulator on board, which is powered directly via cable from the main power supply (like a CD-ROM drive). So they allow any socket 5 or 7 motherboard to use the AMD K6-2 or K6-III (as well as Intel Pentium 233 MMX, Cyrix M2, Rise MP6, etc…). Of course, the BIOS has to tolerate the CPU, and sometimes that’s a problem with Intel-made boards that you would find in a Gateway or Dell system, for which there are 3rd party BIOS upgrades available that solve that problem. Most other motherboards (Tyan, Supermicro, Asus, etc…) have a tolerant BIOS.

We currently have two models for the AMD K6 family:

  • PL-ProMMX (for K6-2 up to 400 MHz): $49.95
  • PL-K6-III (for K6-III up to 500 MHz): $69.95

Both feature on-board temperature monitoring and fail-save overheat recovery. We bundle a utility that enables the advanced features of the K6-2/K6-III, reports the status of the temperature monitor, and also has software-based temperature reduction technology (similar to Rain and Waterfall utilities).

For some people, the price may seem too high, as a new motherboard can be purchased for not much more than the cost of the adapter. However, some users may not be comfortable upgrading their own motherboards, and would have to pay a technician to do it for them. In this case, the PowerLeap adapter is a much more economical approach.

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