KT266 vs KT266A – Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

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USB and Overclocking

One other complaint about the KT266 has been the ability to overclock the System Clock and still have functional USB ports. Early tests found that the USB ports would fail if the SysClk was set to even the high 130MHz range (138MHz or so). While I would not consider that a real issue, since once you start to overclock you’re on your own, VIA apparently listened, as I had no USB problems running the KT266A up to 155MHz SysClk – the highest the memory I was using would allow me to go. I tested the USB ports with a device called QuickTech USB, from Ultra-X, which tests the USB ports at the hardware level. With the KT266 chipset it would start to give errors after just a few runs at 140MHz. When testing the KT266A with the SysClk set at 155MHz, I had no problems (see picture below) even after over 200 test runs.

As you can see, this external USB tester runs a complete series of hardware level tests that the KT266A passed with no problems at 155MHz. I see no reason for the ports not to function at even higher speeds, but as usual don’t expect things to always work smoothly when overclocking.

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