Abit KT7A vs. IWill KA-266

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Game benchmarks

The game benchmarks have been run in a number of different resolutions. Remember this, the 640 x 480 x 16-bit tests are the ones that will test the performance of the CPU and (if it impacts) the memory. However nobody plays at 640x480x16-bit if they don’t have to, so I’ve included the higher resolutions so you can get a feel for what you will achieve in actual play. The high resolutions are only going to test how good the video card is, and as it’s the same video card for both…

First up we have the venerable Quake 3 Arena.

A performance gong goes to Abit/SDRAM. Notice that once we bump up the resolution, and the system bottleneck is the video card, the scores are for all intents and purposes identical.

Score:KT7A:  4.5KA266:  4.0

Next up we have Expendable

Definitely a slight edge to the KA266. Only Quake has the Fastest/Normal/High Quality settings available. Other games have a multitude of different settings to choose from. I have chosen to use the Quake nomenclature to keep things simple. A full breakdown of each game’s settings used when benchmarking can be found at the end of this article.

Score:KT7A:  4.5KA266:  5.0

Also using an older game engine is MDK2

Another First Person Shooter, it follows a similar trend to Q3A. At higher resolutions, the KT7A wins out, but as soon as we bump the resolution – things even out. When I say a slight lead, I mean a slight lead 5 or 6 frames per second. Score one to the KT7A

Score:KT7A:  5.5KA266:  5.0

Now we start to get into more recent (and hopefully more taxing games). Giants: Citizen Kabuto take a bow…

The 1.398 beta release was used as this now includes a method for benchmarking the game. Practically identical at low resolutions (where I expect a performance difference), but not at High Quality settings where the video card should be the limiting factor. I am investigating this further, and as such, I won’t award any points – yet.

Score:KT7A:  5.5KA266:  5.0

Mercedes Benz Truck Racing is a Racing simulator rather than a first person shooter. One would expect different demands and results…

Dead heat. One apiece

Score:KT7A:  6.5KA266:  6.0

Lastly we have two Evolva tests. Evolva has two modes of operation – with or without bump mapping enabled. When run with a GeForce2, the bump-mapping method is Dot3 product, and it places additional burdens on the system. Does DDR make a difference?

Without bump-mapping enabled, again we have virtually identical scores. What about with…

Again, this is well within the margin of error, but there is a slight tendency for the DDR equipped KA266 to pull ahead. Without more conclusive results, I’ll award equal points.

Score:KT7A:  7.5KA266:  7.0

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