Abit KT7A vs. IWill KA-266

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Abit KT7A BIOS Tweaks

The BIOS was set using the Optimal performance settings for the YH BIOS.

These settings are different to the YH optimal settings. If the setting is not listed in this table, then the setting was not modified from the optimal setting.

SoftMenu III 
    Fast CPU Command DecodeFast
    Enhance chip performanceEnabled
    Enable DRAM 4K Page ModeEnabled
Advanced BIOS Features 
    Video BIOS ShadowDisabled
Advanced Chipset Features 
    DRAM timings (all banks)Turbo
    DRAM Bank Interleave4-way
    Delay DRAM Read LatchNo Delay
    SDRAM Cycle Length2
    Fast R-W Turn AroundEnabled
    AGP 4X ModeEnabled

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