Abit KT7A vs. IWill KA-266

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Game Engine Settings

In Quake 3 Arena, players have the luxury of being able to choose from four pre-set video detail levels (fastest, fast, normal and high-quality). This enables them to choose a video quality/performance level quickly. Other game engines aren’t as easy to set up. In my review, I have used the same level name as the Quake settings to denote a particular setting. Fastest would of course be the quickest setting I could use (usually everything is turned off). High quality is with everything turned on. Normal will be a compromise between the two. Normal will usually be with some of the eye-candy and 16-bit colour, but anything likely to make a large difference (like bump-mapping) won’t be enabled.

With all this in mind, here are the settings I use…

Quake 3 Arena

As indicated, plus sound is disabled.


SettingFastestNormalHigh Quality
Colour Depth161632
Use Hardware Texture CompressionNoNoNo
Use Low Resolution MoviesYesNoNo
Use Vertical SynchNoNoNo
Use Triple BufferingNoYesYes
Use Hardware Anti-aliasingNoNoNo
Use Stencil Buffering If AvailableYesYesYes
Other Settings   
Trilinear FilteringNoYesYes
Lensflare EffectsNoYesYes
Corona EffectsNoYesYes
Frame LockingYesYesYes
Video TexturingNoYesYes
Bump MappingNoNoYes
Detail LevelLowMediumHigh

Giants: Citizen Kabuto

SettingFastestHigh Quality
Colour Depth1632
Model DetailLowHigh
Enhanced Wave EffectsOffOn
Enhanced Water EffectsOffOn
Shadow DetailLowHigh
Texture QualityLowHigh
Sun Flare EffectOffOn
Object BumpmappingOffOn
Landscape BumpmappingOffOn
Environment mappingOffOn

Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing

For “fastest ” tests, use Generic 3D Adapter settings, 16-bit colour depth and Triple Buffering: On

For “high-quality ” settings, use GeForce Adapter settings, 32-bit colour depth, anisotropic filtering: On and 24-bit textures: On


SettingFastestNormalHigh Quality
Colour Depth16-bit16-bit32-bit
Texture Quality134
Use Hardware T&LYesYesYes
Use Hardware Anti-aliasingNoNoNo
Use 3d SoundNoNoNo


Fastest Settings:  640 x 480 x 16-bit colour

HQ Settings:    1024 x 768 x 32-bit colour

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