Cavium MIPSes Network and Security Processing

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Introduction The story behind Cavium Networks is security and intelligent networking. Cavium was founded in 2001, with the intent of initially producing security co-processors for network equipment. Cavium is another semiconductor company (along with P.A. Semi, Intel and AMD) that has flowered on the grave of the Alpha. Anil Jain and Rick Kessler, of EV6/7 […]

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The Battle in 64 bit Land, 2003 and Beyond

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Paul updates his analysis of the 64-bit computing landscape for 2003.

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The Battle in 64 bit Land Revisited

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This is an update of ‘The Looming Battle in 64 bit Land’. The milestones achieved by each of the major players over the past 12 months are reviewed and the near future competitive prospects of the major 64 bit microprocessor families are examined.

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The Looming Battle in 64 Bit Land

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Who are the real players in the 64-bit processor arena? Which company is likely to dominate the 64-bit landscape? In this installment of Silicon Insider, Paul investigates these questions

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RISC vs. CISC Still Matters

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There is a widely held notion that RISC and CISC processor design have converged and the terms are now meaningless. Paul DeMone shows why this viewpoint is wrong and how the inherent superiority of RISC is influencing the future of the x86 architecture.

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