MSI MS-6167 Motherboard Evaluation

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Documentation and Included Items

The board ships with a complete user’s manual that is clear and complete. All jumpers and options are discussed, with pictures and drawings to illustrate the important points. All of the BIOS settings are discussed, though (as with all manuals) a more in-depth explanation of the critical performance options could have more detail. There is, however, no information on installing drivers or explanations of power management features.

There is also a CD included, which has all of the necessary drivers and utilities for Windows9x and NT to recognize the VIA chipset, and to properly utilize the AGP and PCI busses. A very nice menu-driven interface makes it extremely easy to install the software and navigate around the CD. MSI has even included a copy of PC-cillin 98 anti-virus software.

Other Resources

The biggest drawback with choosing this product is the lack of information about it on the MSI website. This means that specs are not available, except from reviews such as this. Fortunately, they do provide BIOS updates on this URL: (Taiwan Site).

And they also provide a test report and machine-readable user’s manual at this URL:

Another valuable resource is Usenet, however there does not appear to be an MSI specific newsgroup. The following two newsgroups may prove to be helpful, however:

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