MVP3 Killer – Enlights Response

Approximately 3 weeks after publishing the Special Report entitled The MVP3 Killer?, Enlight has responded via email as follows:

“The productions of EN-8257901 & 8254901 ATX 1.1 version (+5Vsb=0.1A and 0.5A) has been discontinued and replaced by new ver. EN-8254942 ATX 2.01 (+5Vsb=1~1.2A support Wakeup on modem & wakeup on LAN & upgrade suspend to RAM function) about May.”

While no mention of replacement was made, they did offer to supply specs and samples for testing. It has been mentioned in the various newsgroups that Enlight is replacing those power supplies which have failed, though no details about how they are handling it has been provided. Also, no details regarding the actual reason for the problem was offered. It is entirely possible that the VIA chipset was, in some way, a part of the problem, however Enlight has not pointed fingers at anyone else.

First, I think Enlight Corporation should be applauded for taking care of this in a relatively quick fashion without a lot of posturing or blaming of other parties. Second, I think that any vendors who still have inventory of the EN-8254901 power supplies should replace them with the newer model rather than risk any RMA or support issues. It may be possible to get these components replaced by Enlight through your distributor, but even if that is not an option, it will probably still be cheaper in the long run to replace them yourself.

For any end users who may have experienced the problem, or who is concerned about it, you should contact your vendor and have them handle any replacements for you. While Enlight may be willing to handle special cases directly, it is unreasonable to assume that they will deal directly with end users, or even with vendors who did not purchase directly. As is usually the case, it is best to use the same distribution channel for replacement that you used for purchase. Only if you cannot get satisfaction from the vendor/distributor should you attempt to contact Enlight directly. Typically, the tech support staff of a manufacturer is not geared towards dealing with multitudes of end users.

Special Footnote

I have received several emails from visitors over the past few days applauding Enlight’s response to this situation. A few users were able to get their power supplies replaced directly by Enlight when their vendor would not handle it. For those integrators/VARs/vendors who desire excellent support of the products they offer, Enlight would appear to be one manufacturer whose products should be seriously considered. Of course, you also would do yourself (and your customers) a favor by utilizing this support yourself instead of forcing Enlight to take care of it.

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