Nexus at 1.2GHz

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Processor Comparison

The following graphic is a comparison of the major performance related features of most of the processors discussed in this article. The three major architectures are shown in different colors, with variations within each architecture highlighted. There two processors not listed in the chart. These are the Intel CeleronT, which is essentially a Tualatin without HW Data Prefetch enabled, and the AMD Duron (Morgan core), which is the Thoroughbred core with only 64KB L2 cache.

The intent of this chart is not just to show how different architectures compare, but what variations are present within the same architecture. This information will be useful when analyzing the results, and may provide some insight into what features may provide better or worse performance in specific tests. I’ll mention again that the purpose here is not really to compare the processors themselves, but to see the effects of the different features on various benchmarks. This can, in turn, hopefully give some insight into the type of applications that are best suited for each architecture.

Note that the enhancements for both PIII T and Tbred/Morgan have primarily to do with memory access speed. The HW Data Prefetch feature attempts to anticipate what data will be accessed next to reduce the ‘wait time’, while the enhanced TLB feature helps to keep more recently referenced memory pages ‘cached’ so they can be located faster, reducing the overhead of page lookups.

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