Nexus at 1.2GHz

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SiSoft Sandra Tests (Integer)

Based upon the results shown here, it looks like the Dhrystone test fits well into a relatively small cache – bus speed makes no difference, and neither does HW Data Prefetch – or even an enhanced TLB. It does, however, seem to indicate that there is a difference between the CuMine and Celeron T cores besides a straight die shrink (that does not involve HW Data Prefetch). The fact that Willamette does so poorly seems to indicate that the working set size for this benchmark is larger than 8KB, but probably smaller than 32KB.

The Multimedia Integer test that Sandra includes is intended to show the benefit of using MMX/3Dnow!/SSE/etc. While all of the processors here gain a benefit, it seems to benefit the K7 and P4 processors more than the P6 based processors. Since the Tbird core does not include SSE, it would appear that the K7 scores are primarily due to 3Dnow! Rather than SSE.

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