Nexus at 1.2GHz

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CPU Overall

Both PCMark 2002 and SPEC CPU2000 give a ‘composite’ score that is supposed to show the overall ‘strength’ of each processor. I have put these last so we can see how well they match up with the individual test results.

As you would expect from the individual test scores, Tbred at 133MHz FSB is the clear victor in SPECint, with other K7 cores not far behind. The P6 core is actually not much faster overall on a clock-for-clock basis than P4. This shows that the main ‘pitfall’ of P4, if you want to call it that, is the relatively poor showing of the FPU without SSE enabled code. Of course, the other side of that argument is that the FPU implementation is one of the reasons that the P4 can be clocked so high, but that is an argument for another article, I think.

PCMark2002 puts the PIII T in the lead, very likely because of the strong showing in the Text Search test. This would be a bit misleading, I think, if these were the only results shown. This is why I don’t like seeing only aggregate scores. Tbred comes in a close second, but if we threw out the Text Search I believe we would see a chart very similar to the SPECint chart – K7 at the top and Willamette at the bottom.

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