Organizing Windows for Performance

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Table of Results

Here are the tables from which all of the charts were created. The last table contains the results from my testing with the base install of Windows 2000. You can see that the single drive tests were not much different than with SP2, but the dual-drive setups were considerably slower. In addition, using a 40-pin cable on the UDMA/33 drive made a very big difference, while in SP2 there was no difference at all.

Winstone 2001 Table of Results – Windows 2000 SP2Winstone 2001 Table of Results – Windows 2000 SP2
Drive 1Drive 1 FilesDrive 2Drive 2 FilesDrive 2 CableLowHighAvg
WD 21600 IBM 75GXPSwapMaster23.223.823.4
WD 36400Data IBM 75GXPSwapMaster29.329.929.4
WD 36400Data, Swap   29.730.129.9
IBM 75GXPSwapWD 36400DataMaster33.734.133.7
IBM 75GXPSwapWD 36400DataSlave3434.334.1
WD 21600 IBM 75GXPData, SwapMaster45.646.245.7
WD 36400SwapIBM 75GXPDataMaster46.447.546.9
WD 36400SwapIBM 75GXPDataSlave474847.7
IBM 75GXPData, Swap  49.249.749.4
IBM 75GXPSwapIBM 75GXPDataMaster49.850.950.4
IBM 75GXP IBM 75GXPData,SwapMaster49.55150.4
IBM 75GXP IBM 75GXPData, SwapSlave50.15150.7
IBM 75GXPSwapIBM 75GXPDataSlave50.351.250.9

Content Creation 2001 Table of Results – Windows 2000 SP2Content Creation 2001 Table of Results – Windows 2000 SP2
Drive 1Drive 1 FilesDrive 2Drive 2 FilesDrive 2 CableLowHighAvg 
WD 21600 IBM 75GXPSwapMaster32.233.732.9 
WD 36400DataIBM 75GXPSwapMaster40.541.440.8 
WD 36400Data, Swap   43.645.244.3 
IBM 75GXPSwapWD 36400DataMaster45.447.946.6 
IBM 75GXPSwapWD 36400DataSlave4648.247.1 
IBM 75GXPData, Swap  61.763.662.4 
WD 21600 IBM 75GXPData, SwapMaster62.463.563.2 
WD 36400SwapIBM 75GXPDataSlave62.46563.5 
WD 36400SwapIBM 75GXPDataMaster62.865.663.7 
IBM 75GXP IBM 75GXPData, SwapSlave62.965.463.8 
IBM 75GXPSwapIBM 75GXPDataMaster62.565.664.4 
IBM 75GXP IBM 75GXPData,SwapMaster61.66564.2 
IBM 75GXPSwapIBM 75GXPDataSlave64.565.664.8 

Table of Results for Windows 2000 base installTable of Results for Windows 2000 base install
BenchmarkDrive 1Drive 1 FilesDrive 2Drive 2 FilesDrive 2 CableLowHighAvgCable
CC2001WD 36400Data, Swap   2929.429.340-pin
CC2001WD 36400SwapIBM 75GXPDataSlave29.73029.880-pin
CC2001WD 36400 IBM 75GXPData, SwapMaster31.631.831.780-pin
CC2001WD 36400Swap IBM 75GXPDataMaster31.631.831.780-pin
CC2001WD 36400Data, SwapIBM 75GXP Master37.93938.380-pin
CC2001WD 36400Data, Swap   39.84140.480-pin
WS2001WD 36400Data, Swap   22.222.522.440-pin
WS2001WD 36400SwapIBM 75GXPDataSlave25.125.425.380-pin
WS2001WD 36400 IBM 75GXPData, SwapMaster26.526.926.680-pin
WS2001WD 36400Swap IBM 75GXPDataMaster26.526.826.780-pin
WS2001WD 36400Data, SwapIBM 75GXP Master27.829.528.680-pin
WS2001WD 36400Data, Swap   30.43130.780-pin

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